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Everything we do is focused on delivering results, whether that’s getting the IP rights in place that you need to protect your innovations, attacking your competitor’s IP rights to clear a path for what you want to do, dealing with disputes or doing research to see how your business fits into the IP landscape.  Over the years we have dealt with high-level individuals in a range of business sectors and industries and in doing so, we have inevitably acquired expertise and industry knowledge in specific sectors.  One of the most satisfying things about what we do is constantly learning new things and finding new ways to transfer what we know to apply the experience we have gained to new problems.  

Nevertheless, we are experts in certain sectors, and these include electrical, mechanical, materials, manufacturing and engineering-related technologies:

ENERGY Examples of work we have done in the energy sector includes, equipment for oil & gas surveying and drilling, borehole pre-completion techniques, drill string guidance systems, energy distribution and micro energy generation. Cleantech patents GENERAL ENGINEERING Most of our work falls into the category of “general engineering”, which covers materials science (including composites & nanotechnology), semiconductors (including MEMS), robotics, manufacturing, production and aerospace technology.