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h u t c h i n s o n  i p UK & EUROPEAN PATENT & DESIGN ATTORNEYS
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Hutchinson IP Ltd is a Southport-based firm of UK & European Patent & Design Attorneys.

We provide specialist advice, assistance and representation to individuals, businesses and IP professionals on many aspects of Intellectual Property (IP) law, which include patents for inventions, protection for designs & the appearance of products, trade marks, copyright and other "intangible assets".

Our no-nonsense approach delivers clear, relevant and commercially-focused advice to help our customers gain and maintain a competitive edge.  We are able to advise in relation to applying for IP rights, maintaining and enforcing them, suing others for infringement and defending allegations of infringement.

We offer an alternative to traditional patent attorney firms because we believe in clear, fair and fixed pricing policies and guarantee rapid turnaround.  Our IT systems allow us to operate both from our office in Southport and remotely, enabling us to provide pseudo "in-house" and freelance services where necessary.  We also provide an "out-of-hours" service to enable those based outside the UK, or with busy schedules, to access our services at their convenience.

Hutchinson IP was established in 2011 by Tom Hutchinson who has over 12 years' IP experience in private practice.  Tom has an engineering background and is qualified to represent clients in many areas of IP law including patents, designs and copyright.

Hutchinson IP Ltd is an entity regulated by IPReg.

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Terms of business

Privacy policy

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