Certified copies

If you need a certified copy of a document, then we are able to provide this for you. 

Tom Hutchinson is a Chartered Patent Attorney and a Commissioner for Oaths, so is able to certify copies of documents for various purposes, including:

  • License applications
  • Passport applications
  • Emigration / immigration / visa applications
  • Bank statements
  • Loan applications
  • Legal documents
  • Job applications
  • Contracts
  • Certificates

Copies can be certified as “true and exact copies” (i.e. an exact copy of the original); or as a “true, but redacted copies” (i.e. it is a copy, but certain parts have been blacked-out).  We can also certify a photograph of an individual as being a “true likeness”.

Our fees include the actual cost of making the copy (you just need to bring the original along with you) and certifying the copy as being a true and exact, or as a true but redacted copy of the original.  The service takes just a few minutes and you can book an appointment online here.  You will receive the original(s) back, the certified copy(ies) as well as a VAT invoice & receipt.

Our costs are as follows:

  • 1x single-sided A4 or letter sized document – £4.17 + VAT (£5)
  • 1x double-sided A4 or letter sized document – £5.00 + VAT (£6)
  • Each additional side/sheet – £0.25 + VAT (£0.30)
  • Digital redaction (per side/sheet redacted) – £1.67 + VAT (£2)
  • Electronic storage of original & certified copy for 1 year – £1.25 +VAT (£1.50)

Digital redaction involves us scanning a copy of your original document, redacting it electronically and then re-printing the redacted copy.  This ensures that the text/images within the document are properly hidden, unlike manual/pen redaction where it is often possible to still see the “redacted” material under certain lighting conditions or by using solvents.

You may wish us to keep copies of your documents on our secure server for a period of time, for example, to preserve evidence.  This is a service which can easily be negotiated.

To book a 10-minute appointment at our office most weekdays to have your documents certified, please use the online booking system (NB: select the “certified copies” option, then “Tom Hutchinson” and then choose your date and time) .  If you wish Tom Hutchinson to come to you for this service, or if you require an out of hours service, please contact us.