Approaching investors

Many individual inventors have great ideas, but encounter difficulties trying to convince an investor or manufacturer to work with them. It is no secret that most individual inventors fail to generate a profit from their ideas and in many cases spend more on obtaining IP rights than they generate through sales of the product/process in question. It’s also true that luck plays a huge part in the commercial success or failure of new and innovative products.

That said, the way an idea or concept is presented or perceived can have a huge impact on one’s chances of success. Hutchinson IP therefore provides advice and recommendations on how to create and present your “IP portfolio” in the best possible light, and can advise you on how to answer questions relating to it. By presenting your new product or idea via a patent attorney, one can often increase the chances of an investor or manufacturer taking the idea seriously, which is why we offer this (i.e. an “initial approach” letter) as a stand-alone service.

We can also provide the essential tools that you may need, such as “patent pending” status and bespoke non-disclosure agreements prior to disclosing your ideas to third parties.

For further information relating to commercialisation of ideas, please contact us without obligation, for a free initial consultation.

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