Renew a European Community Design

£ 215.00£ 305.00 (+VAT and Card Processing Fees)

To keep an EU (OHIM or EUIPO) Registered Design in-force, it is necessary to pay renewal fees every five years. The initial 5-year period is included with the application fee, but you will need to renew the registered design before the expiry of each 5-year block to keep it in-force.

To complete the simple checkout process, you will need to enter the following information:

  • The renewal period (this determines the price and will be cross-checked prior to processing);
  • The registered design number; and
  • The applicant’s name (for cross-checking purposes).

You can also add your/our file reference, and opt into a renewal reminder service.

Registered Design Number

This should be the full registration number, including the country code and any check-digits or suffixes.

Applicant / owner name

Applicant/owner name, as it appears on the register.

Your file reference

If you have one

Our file reference

E.g. “D1234GB” (for existing clients only)

Remind me again in 5-years?

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Use this service to renew a European Community Design for a 5-year block.

Additional information

Renewal period

1st (year 6-10), 2nd (year 11-15), 3rd (year 16-20), 4th (year 21-25), Test